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"improve well-being, health, safety, performance, and productivity by using smart clothing and other wearable technologies"

Smart apparel

Your superpowers in your apparel


Invisibility, faster regeneration, or active energy harvesting. These and other properties could soon be part of clothing. The Vulpés IoT platform and respective Sensor-Fusion technology enable the implementation of novel features inside clothing. The smart garments do not only simplify the life of individuals but also enable new cutting-edge applications and solutions. 

Your invisible companion


While playing sports, enjoying your leisure time, or working outdoors, Vulpés supports you with high-performance apparel without disturbing your daily business. You barely feel or see our technology helping you get through the day. Our aim is that you stay more comfortable outdoors no matter where you go – and that you look great while you’re doing it! 

The future of smart apparel

At Vulpés, we believe that the future will be wearable and that it will be the time when we will be able to alter and simplify our interactions with our surroundings. We want to shape smart wearables by introducing a connected system that has you covered from head to toe. In the coming years, we plan further products with many exciting features.

Improving health and well-being outdoors

We want to stop people from freezing and shivering on cold days and even help prevent hypothermia and related health issues. With the support of electrical heating, you can control the temperature of every part of your body whenever and wherever you like.

The Vulpés IoT platform for smart clothing

The Vulpés IoT platform has been developed to bring smart clothing to the market more efficiently with outstanding quality. The IoT platform is modular-build allowing seamlessly interconnect with soft- and hardware. This enables, among other things, new interaction options and innovative features with the help of algorithms and the corresponding AI, such as voice and autonomous control and other smart applications using the sensor fusion system. Based on the used technology the clothing becomes more intelligent and can better support the wearer based on individual needs. 

Mobility is a key element

With our mobile application, you can use your Vulpés apparel on the go by linking our clothing to your smartphone. With just one app, you can use all of your Vulpés apparel at the same time.


The Vulpés Roadmap consists of three coherent and modular-build development blocks, namely system, product, and component development. 



The focus of the system development is the connection and integration of hard- and software components and further development of the IT - based architecture. An essential R&D field is among others the human-machine interaction as well as the intuitive user interface (UI).



Based on the product application and intended "Use Case", the Vulpés team designs and develops products for different areas, such as sports, health, work and leisure segment.

Component Development

Powerful sensors, durable electronics, and innovative materials are some of the elements used in our products. We optimize the components based on the customer, application and product requirements to ensure that the modules meet the latest quality and technology standards.  


At Vulpés we continuously optimize our products in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and quality aspects. To achieve our aims, we use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art components such as sensors, batteries, and communication systems.

Furthermore, our product development cycle contains various external tests to prove the latest quality standards. Therefore, independent certification companies test and certify our products to guarantee safety and durability.

We refer to the following selected certifications regarding heated clothing:

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