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From design to manufacturing
Your associate for smart products and systems
Vulpés electronic development

Development of electronic components

Vulpés firmware development

Development of firmware and embedded systems

Vulpés - mobile app development

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android OS

Vulpés product and system design

Product and system design

Production of components for smart applications

Manufacturing of modules and components

Manufacturing of smart clothing

Manufacturing of wearable devices and smart clothing

Product and system design

Vulpés can support you with the design service, whether it´s a component, a product or an interoperable system. Based on your specific requirements, the desired smart apparel item can be developed with the Vulpés Tech as the basic architecture. The visual appearance can be adjusted to your corporate design. Once the design project is concluded, you will be provided with a usable, physical prototype, which can be used as a base for testing and serial production.

Development of electronic components and firmware

Vulpés develops application-oriented electronics, sensor-based components, and battery modules. These can be constructed in a water- and shockproof design. The components are used to produce consumer electronics, wearables, and smart clothes.  

Vulpés offers all required tests to ensure high-quality development considering potential issues during the mass production and in the field. For instance, PCBs can be tested for heat generation, load capacity, energy management, etc. Further project-specific tests are to be agreed upon individually with the customer and adapted to the respective project requirements.

A robust firmware is required to control the electronics as well as to process the sensor data. One of our core strengths is firmware development which can be used to implement control, monitoring, and data management functions and for programming data storage, processing, analyzing, and evaluation of the software models. This is necessary for smart applications i.a. to run products and systems autonomously. Furthermore, Vulpés implements firmware security and ensures data safety by providing different types of encryption and hardware-based protection measures.

Development of mobile applications

Vulpés has extensive expertise in software development for coding mobile applications for iOS and Android OS. The development includes among other aspects


- UI/UX design

- Front- and backend development

- Communication with external devices

- Data analysis, consolidation and assessment

- Connection to and with IT applications, systems and products

- Connection to servers or cloud systems

- Testing with different end-devices

Vital signs monitoring.png
Development -mobleapps
Manufacturing of components, modules, wearables and smart clothing

Vulpés offers component integration, customization, and production of electronic and battery modules as well as sensors, heating elements, LED systems, solar modules, and other components suitable for wearables and smart clothing and home care applications. The required components as well as the corresponding product line can be manufactured according to your requirements in the agreed quantities.

Through years of experience, Vulpés has the expertise to manufacture complete products and systems "from a single source" based on customer requirements.

Quality control can be carried out entirely by Vulpés before, during and after production, tailored to your company's quality assurance system.

Vulpés can take over the certification and approval for the European, American and Asian Economic Area and already fulfils the requirements of CE / EMC, FCC, UL, ROHS, REACH, LVD, RED, IEC 62133 etc. with its B2C products.

Benefits of working together with Vulpés
cost savings.jpg

Cost savings

With Vulpés as a development and manufacturing partner you can cut the costs for the implementation of smart clothing items. The reason for the savings are the already pre-developed modules and components which need to be customized according to client's requirements. Furthermore, Vulpés uses economy of scale by sourcing higher volumes of components which leads to lower manufacturing prices.

time savings.jpg

Reduction of time-to-market

Thanks to the Vulpés IoT platform, the development as well as the manufacturing time can be reduced by up to 50%.  the time from the confirmed requirements to the delivery of the first batch can take around 8 - 12 month depending on the project complexity.

new technology.jpg

Access to new technology

Vulpés constantly developing, upgrading and applying new technologies. The tech can be used in client's projects and can also be upgraded according to the market requirements. Our customers benefit from the "over-air upgradability" by adding additional features within the product life cycle. This enables to remain competitive even after the product launch.

solution oriented.jpg

"Out of the box" thinking

To create new products and systems suitable for the client's application, Vulpés elaborates the best-in-class solution considering the level of innovation, costs, feasibility and reliability in the field. Therefore, our team focuses on latest technology, customer application scenarios as well as on new approaches by developing own processes and components to serve the project.

exprienced team.jpg

Experienced team

Vulpés has already designed and developed over 20 products which were brought to the market or are under preparation for the market launch. Since our team has experience in software, electronics, structural design, battery systems, fabrics etc. we
are able to share our knowledge to master your requirements.

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