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Vulpés smart heated abdominal belt

Vulpés smart heated abdominal belt

the second generation of the smart heated belt which helped thousands of women to fight against menstrual and abdominal pain
89,90 €
Vulpés smart heated abdominal belt

High heating performance up to 60°C / 140°F

Vulpés Abdominal Belt - Smartphone Controlled with iOS or Android OS
Smartphone controlled

Creates your individual temperature profile with the Vulpés App for iOS and Android OS

Vulpés Heated Abdominal Belt - Heat control via Voice Command

Voice Command

The Vulpés abdominal belt can be controlled by voice with Apple iOS devices

Smart heated abdominal belt with over-air updates

"Over-air" Updates

The Vulpés kidney belt can be updated
remotely with new features and functions

Vulpés Heated Abdominal Belt - Graphene Technologie
Graphene Technology

Efficient, safe, and equal heat distribution across the front belt part thanks to the cutting-edge Graphene technology

Vulpés Heated Abdominal Belt - Power Supply with Power Bank
Power Supply

Power supply with the mobile and rechargeable power bank (5V / 2A)

Heated belly belt with ultra-soft material

Ultra-soft Teddy Superflausch material offers ideal wearing comfort

Smart heated belly belt - waterproof electronics (hand wash)
Hand wash (recommended)

Thanks to waterproof electronics the belt can be exposed to water and is washable

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Vulpés smart heated abdominal belt

Ultra-soft material with velvet finishes

Water proof Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 controller

Pocket for the power bank with integrated USB cable

Heating area with integrated graphene panels

High quality velcro closure with excellent adhesive properties

Smart heated abominal belt against belly and abdominal pain

Smart Heated Abdominal Belt

With heat against pain!

Pulling and cramping in the lower belly - Almost every woman has suffered from abdominal pain. To support women by going through the sorrow Vulpés offers the mobile, heated abdominal belt. 


The Vupés "BellyBelt" is a smart heated belt that has been developed by women for women to help with belly, abdominal, and menstrual pain. Its warmth relaxes and dissolves the painful cramps in the upper and lower abdominal area.


The intuitively operated heated belt can be flexibly placed around the abdomen and nestles gently with its velvet soft surface to the skin. The heat can be adjusted manually via a three-mode controller or via app to the individually desired comfort temperature.

Just try it out and download the Vulpés app on:


Dynamic heat control

The integrated temperature sensor balances the heat settings especially under low temperature or cold ambient. Under cold surroundings, the heat output drops. The sensor maintains and stabilizes the heating power providing the user an excellent warming experience. Furthermore, the sensor prevents overheating when using the abdominal belt under the room temperature. 

Robust and efficient heating elements

The heating elements are made of robust and high-performance graphene sheets. Graphene is a revolutionary material with excellent conductive properties. Besides the good thermal efficiency, the graphene elements are above all one thing: extremely safe. The material can be used under various climatic conditions, under high mechanical stress, and in humidity and underwater without causing any damage. 

smart heated abominal belt

Surface heating with an exceptional feel-good factor

Compared with conventional heating wires, graphene elements provide even heat distribution over the entire surface. The heating elements are placed across the defined surface and heat up the abdominal, upper- and lower bell area. 

Vulpés Bellybelt - smartphone controlled heated belt

Your feel-good temperature with just one slide

Controlling the Vulpés Belly Belt with your smartphone allows you precisely to adjust the amount of heat you need.

smart heated belly belt - heat control via smartphone
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

The Vulpés Belly Belt uses the latest communication technology for a seamless and rapid connection with the smartphone. The BLE 5.0 chip enables up to three times faster signal transmission between the smartphone and your heated belt. 

With Memory Function

The mobile application remembers the last heat setting. With the next use, the abdominal belt reloads and performs the heating exactly at the value it stopped.

"Over-the-air" Updates

"Óver-the-air" updates allow us to add new features after the product has already been in use through the app update. The updates work similar to the smartphone and will be released in the Google Play and Apple App Store. 

Voice Command

"Hey Siri, I am cold"

With the voice command for the Apple iPhone the abdominal belt can be easily turned on and off, set the desired heat level, and pair new Vulpés devices. The user has the option to configure its personal commands by using Siri shortcuts.

smart heated belly belt - heat control via voice command
smart heated belly belt provides warmth to reliefe the pain

Control your heating time

The Vulpés abdominal belt has an integrated timer function which allows the user to set the desired heating time in the range of 5-30 minutes. Afterward, the belly belt automatically turns off. 

The timer is handy for therapeutic measures to not exceed the recommended heating time of 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, the timer can be used for warming up the body for a short period of time before doing sports or simply to use it as an automatic switch-off function when going to bed.

smart heated belly belt provides warmth to reliefe the pain

Control your heating time

The Vulpés abdominal belt has an integrated timer function which allows the user to set the desired heating time in the range of 5-30 minutes. Afterward, the belly belt automatically turns off. 

The timer is handy for therapeutic measures to not exceed the recommended heating time of 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, the timer can be used for warming up the body for a short period of time before doing sports or simply to use it as an automatic switch-off function when going to bed.

Positive mood with suitable heat settings

Depending on the emotional state, the temperature of the body changes. People with negative emotions such as sadness, being stressed or even depressed experience the body cool down in the certain areas.

The Vulpés belt has the "Mood Mode" feature, which delivers heat, based on predefined emotions. The proper heat settings might contribute to brighten the mood. 

Autumn Mood
Vulpés abdominal belt with high wearing comfort

With unlimited wearing comfort

The anatomical design and the soft, high-quality materials provide a high level of wearing comfort. The heat belt was designed especially for stationary and mobile use and can be worn underneath clothing without being noticed.  


With Teddy Superflausch

Teddy Superflausch is a soft and warm lining with skin-friendly characteristics. The fabric is insulating, durable, and cuddly at the same time.

15x more durable

The Velcro fastener does have excellent adhesive properties and is made of high-quality material. It allows the wearer to use the Velcro fastener up to 15 times longer compared to conventional products. It increases the overall product lifetime, especially in frequent use.

Can be worn beneath clothing

Whether at home, in the office, with the bike or when traveling the Vulpés warming belly belt can be worn comfortably under the top without the heat belt being visible to the outside. 

smart heated abdominal belt - high quality materials

Power ON!

To turn on the Vulpés BellyBelt is simple. Just plug in your personnel power bank with 5V / 2A properties into the build-in USB connector hidden in the pocket. The pocket is suitable for power banks with a maximum size of 15 cm in length and 9 cm in width.

The velcro on the pocket ensures the stability of the power bank and prevents it from falling out while being on the move.


We recommend using high-quality PowerBanks from brands to ensure good compatibility and high performance. In case you require a robust and efficient power bank, Vulpés offers its own model.  

smart heated belly belt - controlled with power bank
heated abomdinal belt

Warm-up your belly from everywhere with your mobile heating belt

Whether at home, in the office, on the bike, or during your next trip, the Vulpés BellyBelt can be worn comfortably under your clothing without being visible. The ultra-soft and skin-friendly materials are pleasant to be worn underneath.

Once you tried out the Vulpés heated belt, you would never want to miss it again!


Graphene - the material of the future

Graphene is considered the "supermaterial" of the 21st century. The material conducts the energy and heat better than copper, is transparent and extremely flexible, is more stable than concrete, and stronger than steel. 

At Vulpés, we use the excellent thermal property of graphene and adapted the material design to utilize it as a resistor for heat generation.

In addition to the good heat efficiency, the graphene elements are one thing above all: extremely safe. The material can be safely used under various climatic conditions, under high mechanical stress as well as in moisture and water.

smart heated belly belt with cutting edge graphene technology

Our contribution
in the fight against endometriosis


We develop our technology to support especially women to relieve pain. While our products may not provide the complete solution, they could help to milder the symptoms. Our main target is to provide wearable devices make your everyday life easier.

For comprehensive treatment of endometriosis, please consult a medical specialist. 

Laying Down

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