Vulpés smart heated gloves - Heatng Performance

High heating performance up to 55°C / 131°F.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Battery Runtime
Battery runtime 

Battery system that keeps your hands warm for up to 8 hours.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Wirless Contol
Smartphone controlled

Effortless temperature control and battery status review through a free Vulpés mobile app available for iOS.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Smartphone Touch
Smartphone Touch

High-quality conductive materials which allow the user to operate electronic devices without pulling off the gloves. 

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Micro USB Charged
Micro USB charged

Fast charging through micro USB interface or conventional socket.

Vulpés smart gloves - water resistance

Usage of POLARTEX, the water-resistant materials against moisture, rain, and snow.

Vulpés smart heated gloves - windproof

The integrated membrane prevents the wind from entering the gloves and cooling down the hands. 

Vulpés smart heated gloves - breathable
Breathable properties thanks to ePTEE membrane that allow evaporating occurred moisture within the glove. 
Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Anti-Wear-Material

The use of LIVTEX PRO on the palm provides a strong grip and reduces the rapid abrasion of surface material.