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Vulpés smart heated gloves - Heatng Performance

High heating performance up to 55°C / 131°F.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Battery Runtime
Battery runtime 

Battery system that keeps your hands warm for up to 8 hours.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Wirless Contol
Smartphone controlled

Effortless temperature control and battery status review through a free Vulpés mobile app available for iOS.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Smartphone Touch
Smartphone Touch

High-quality conductive materials which allow the user to operate electronic devices without pulling off the gloves. 

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Micro USB Charged
Micro USB charged

Fast charging through micro USB interface or conventional socket.

Vulpés smart gloves - water resistance

Usage of POLARTEX, the water-resistant materials against moisture, rain, and snow.

Vulpés smart heated gloves - windproof

The integrated membrane prevents the wind from entering the gloves and cooling down the hands. 

Vulpés smart heated gloves - breathable
Breathable properties thanks to ePTEE membrane that allow evaporating occurred moisture within the glove. 
Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Anti-Wear-Material

The use of LIVTEX PRO on the palm provides a strong grip and reduces the rapid abrasion of surface material.

Vulpés Smart Heated Gloves - Heat-Insulating

The integrated fiberfill ensures strong thermal insulation. 

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Guards against wear and tear and provides a firmer grip

LIVTEX PRO is made from high-quality microfibres which have excellent wear resistance properties. The woven fibers retain their shape exceptionally well and are very hard-wearing. They are extremely strong even though they are six times finer than wool and up to twenty times finer than a human hair.

LIVTEK PRO also provides a much better grip compared with standard materials and prevents the gloves from slipping. This results in a much more effective grip when taking part in activities such as skiing, motorcycling, or cycling.


High-quality materials for every use


Whether you're skiing, on the water, or going for a leisurely stroll, Vulpés gloves offer a top-quality material mix that provides the ideal protection against wind, rain, and snow. 

Thanks to the integrated membrane, water drops cannot enter the gloves from the outside. At the same time, moisture inside the gloves can escape thanks to microscopically small pores. So even during extreme sports, your hands stay dry at all times. 

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Precise heat control adapted to your needs

Vulpés MOONTOUCH has been developed for precise temperature control. Using the mobile app for iOS, you can adjust the temperature to your individual needs. Thanks to the percentage distributions, you can adjust the temperature by hundredths of a degree. The gloves deliver just as much warmth as you need

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Adjustable heat control on the go

Vulpés MOONTOUCH has a build-in 3 mode controller which allows the user to adjust the temperature manually by selecting one of three heating settings. The manual mode is handy for outdoor activities to adapt to the temperature by being no exclusively dependent on the smartphone. 

Selecting the correct glove size


It is crucial that you select the correct glove size to ensure that they are as comfortable and as easy to wear as possible so that you can benefit from the special features that the gloves have to offer, such as heat distribution and variable heat intensity, the excellent grip properties and operability of the electronic device, etc. 

We recommend that you measure the width of your hand at its widest point before you purchase Vulpés MOONTOUCH. The size that you measure will correspond with the available glove sizes.

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