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Our goal is to make you feel comfortable outdoors. So, we put together some vital facts for your journey in cold weather.

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The Human Body
Haus im Schnee
Environmental Conditions
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For more warmth in winter

The Human Body


The temperature distribution of human body is inhomogeneous. Whereas the core temperature is around 37°C / 98.6°F, the temperature of peripheral body parts such as hands and feet can be lower by up to 9 degrees. The body heat is human specific and can differ based on numerous factors such as gender, age, environmental conditions, metabolic rate, changes of food behavior, physical activities, sleep disturbance, stress response, health issues and so on.

Human body

Insights into human's thermoregulation

At the ideal temperature all human body systems function with maximal efficiency.

But what happens if the thermal household state unbalanced? 

The signs and symptoms vary depending on the level of temperature reduction. Often people experience cold feet and hands and shivering all over the body. Apart from this, other symptoms are observed like weak pulse, slurred speech, lack of coordination, purple fingers and toe, slow heartbeat etc. If the core temperature drops below 35°C / 95°F serious health problems can occur. This effect is termed as Hypothermia. Without prompt treatment of severe Hypothermia even shock, coma or cardiac arrest can set in. 

To prevent the decrease of body heat especially in the cold areas it is recommended among other aspects to consume plenty of fluids and food, to get enough rest and wear proper clothing.

Human's thermoregulation

Why do women’s bodies run colder than men’s?

To all the women out there:

Did you ever wonder why women are always freezing, but men seem to be fine with the cold? Well, science has the answer! 

Here are 6 facts that explain the difference between women and men.

Reason 1: No elephant skin

Women have a thinner skin than men do, so the skin temperature, on average, is cooler for a woman than for a man.

Reason 2: Less muscle mass

The second reason stems from the fact that women have less muscular mass proportional to fat mass. More muscles means that you are able to produce and save more warmth.

Reason 3: The proportions

In comparison to most men, women are smaller and tend to have a less favorable proportion of surface to volume. Men have less skin per kilogram, which means they don’t lose as much heat through the skin.

Reason 4: The metabolism

Men and women also have a different working metabolism because of the unequal muscle and fat mass. That is why women tend to burn less calories than men do. The conclusion is that women produce less heat during rest time and sporting activities.

Reason 5: The core temperature

Because all women are potentially prospective mothers, they have a higher core temperature. This goes back to the need to protect the area around the uterus from getting cold, but it also causes cold hands and cold feet.

Reason 6: More Yin than Yang

According to traditional Chinese medicine, women tend to be made up of more Yin than Yang, and Yin represents chilly energy.

Environmental conditions


Our "Blue Planet" offers breathtaking landscapes with diverse climatic conditions.

The infographics reveal further details about the temperature, rainfall and hours of sunshine in your country or your next travel destination. So, if you decide to travel to the mountains or to the coast, do not forget to equip yourself properly.

United Kingdom

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Winter in USA - Inforgraphic
Winter in UK - Inforgraphic
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Winter in Österreich - Inforgraphic
Winter in Canada - Inforgraphic
Winter in Japan - Inforgraphic
Winter in France - Inforgraphic
Winter in Deutschland - Inforgraphic

For more warmth in winter


Even snow and ice do not stop you from pursuing your hobbies? Whether horse riding, fishing, mountaineering or walking with the dog, we have put together different outfits to conquer cold winter days showing you clothing items that should not be missed in your repertoire. 


Your gear that keeps you warm

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Outdoor in winter
Winter sport in Winter
Horse Riding in Winter
Outdoor Worker in Winter
Lumberjacks in Winter
Hunter in Winter
Hipster in Winter
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