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Vulpés Power Bank - Ultra slim, high durability
Capacity of 8000 mAh

The Vulpés Power Bank has a capacity of 8000 mAh at 3.7V

Vulpés Power Bank - high safety
High Safety

Thanks to high-quality electronics, the Vulpés Power Bank offers a high level of safety during the usage

Vulpés power bank - premium lithium polymer battery cell
Premium Lithium-Polymer Battery

The used premium lithium polymer battery offers increased safety, efficiency, and durability

Vulpés power bank - shock resistant
Protection against shock

The robust aluminum housing protects the electronics and the battery from external impact

Vulpés power bank - ultra slim design
Ultra-slim design

The Vulpés Power Bank is extremely thin due to the high-quality components and robust aluminum housing. The slim design makes the power bank fit easily into the pocket and comfortable to wear

Vulpés power bank - overheat protetion
Overheating protection

First-class microchips are used in the electronics, which reduce the heat during charging and discharging while protecting the components from overheating

Vulpés Power Bank - High Quality
cold environment 2 - Kopie.jpg

The Vulpés Power Bank

energy source suitable for low-temperature applications

The Vulpés PowerBank is designed to deliver power even at low ambient temperatures. The battery system has been developed to operate down to -20°C. Thanks to the high-quality electronics, the battery is protected from the cold environment.

The Vulpés Power Bank is ideal for recharging smartphones as well as for powering the Vulpés smart heated vest, abdominal and kidney belt.

Low Temperature
Vulpés power bank 8000 mah - developed in Germany

Safety first!

The Vulpés Power Bank was developed in regard to an uncompromising security concept. All the components are chosen to protect and ensure safe use, whether indoors or outdoors, both for Vulpés products and for charging your smartphone or other wearable devices.

Vulpés power bank - safety first
Safety first
robust 2.jpg

Developed in Germany

the power bank for in- and outdoors

The Vulpés power bank has an aluminum housing to protect the battery and electronics against external shock. 

This makes the Vulpés PowerBank an ideal companion for outdoor activities in harsh environments. 

The product has been designed and developed in Germany by considering the safety as well as application conditions


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