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The Vupés "BellyBelt" is a heated belt that has been developed by women for women to help with belly, abdominal and menstrual pain. Its warmth relaxes and dissolves the painful cramps in the upper and lower abdominal area. The intuitively operated belt can be flexibly placed around the abdomen and nestles gently with its velvet soft surface to the skin. The heat can be adjusted manually via three mode controller or per app to the individually desired comfort temperature.


Package content: 1x Vulpes Belly Belt, 1x Instructions for Use.

The product requires a 5V / 2A power bank, which is not included in the packaging.


Product highlights: 

  • Vulpés BellyBelt is a graphene based heated belt for supporting the pain relief
  • Efficient and even heat distribution using innovative graphene technology
  • Individual feel-good temperature profile with the Vulpés App for iOS and Android OS or via 3-mode controller
  • Cleaning by hand wash thanks to the waterproof electronics design
  • Ultra-soft Teddy Superflausch offering ideal wearing comfort
  • High quality velcro closure with excellent adhesive properties and 15 times higher life time compared to the "conventional velcro options"

Vulpés BellyBelt - Smart Heated Abdominal Belt