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Vulpés Ganymed is a smartphone controlled heated vest which is designed to be worn stand-alone or underneath every outdoor jacket. The body-fit design is tailored to be tight to the skin to achieve the maximum heating efficacy. The pleasant area-heating supports you in your leisure time, by doing sports or at work. 


Graphene Technology

The embedded graphene elements create an area-based heating structure which allows the user to feel a 360° heat experience. 


Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

Vulpés Ganymed uses the latest communication technology Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 for a seamless and fast connection with the smartphone.


High-quality materials

The vest is made of high-quality softshell material, which provides protection against wind, rain and snow and has breathable properties at the same time. The built-in insulating layer keeps the heat inside the vest longer and leads to higher heating efficiency.


Waterproof electronics (IP67)

The built-in electronics are encapsulated with special synthetic material which insulates and protects the components against shock, water and moisture. 


Waterproof zipper

To prevent wind, moisture and water entering the vest and the power bank inner pocket, high-quality, waterproof and durable zippers have been added to the material design structure.



Thanks to waterproof electronics, the smart heated vest is suitable for hand washing.

Vulpés Ganymed - Smart Heated Vest