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Do you love the great outdoors? There’s nothing better than exploring the world around you and seeking out new adventures. 
Our Vulpés Beanie is an ideal companion for cold winter days. Enjoy every day without worrying about freezing temperatures.
The Vulpés Beanie is a thermo-regulated fashion beanie with a control system which can be managed via a special smart phone app to create an individual temperature profile. 
Key highlights of our product
• Smart-heated beanie without additional wires
• Manufactured in 30% high-quality cashmere and 70% wool
• High heating performance up to 45°C / 113°F
• Long-lasting battery to keep your ears warm for 1.5 - 5 hours
• Water resistant design (IPX2) to provide protection against water and moisture during rain and snow
• Rapid charging through micro USB interface or conventional socket
• Suitable for hand washing
We are strongly committed to using quality-controlled artificial fur to exclude the possibility of harm to animals.  


Further details on

Package contents:
• Vulpés Beanie (light grey)
• Charger for conventional socket and micro USB
• Welcome guide
Important information for your purchase
• The Vulpés Beanie is optimised for Apple iPhone 5 (v. iOS 9) or newer
• The Vulpés mobile application can only be used with Vulpés products

Vulpés Cinera - Smart Heated Beanie Hat

€149.00 Regular Price
€139.00Sale Price
Colour: Light Grey