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Do you love the great outdoors?! There's nothing better than exploring the world around you and finding new adventures. Our insole is an invisible companion for cold winter days. Enjoy every day without worrying about freezing.

Key highlights of our product:
- Fully integrated heated insole without additional wires

- Slim design with 0.75 cm on the heel, 1.2 cm on the arch and 0.3 cm on the forefoot area
- Simple use via mobile application and / or manual mode
- High heating performance up to 55°C / 131°F in the forefoot area
- Long lasting build-in battery to keep your feet warm for 3 to 7 hours
- Use of non-toxic materials and an antibacterial microfiber

- Water resistant design (IPX4) allows protection against water and moisture during rain and snow

- Suitable for weight up to 200 KG
- Fast charging through micro USB interface
- Available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL) and can be cut for up to two sizes


Further product details on

Package content:
- One pair of heated insoles
- Charger for conventional socket and micro USB
- Welcome guide

- Carrying pocket for the insoles

Vulpés S-Line PLUS - Smart Heated Insoles

    • Please make sure your shoes are suitable for using our S-Line PLUS heated insole (the height of the heel section is 0.75 cm). To get a perfect fit, please remove all other insoles.
    • You can only use the Vulpés mobile application with Vulpés products.