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Smart clothing is part of the future. Whether in leisure time, at sports or at work, intelligent clothing will find its way into daily life. Join us on our journey and discover the exciting world of innovative and smart apparel.


Performance and Efficiency


Performance optimisation in sports is an essential element in which smart clothing can create a clear added value. As each person has a different anatomical condition, individual training based on continuous data analysis of movement, vital signs, and muscle work can deliver optimal performance results, while avoiding negative consequences associated with over-exertion. Smart clothing instructs the user on the correct posture and supports him in his indoor and outdoor exercises. At the same time, the clothing is linked to the nutrition database and provides useful nutritional tips to achieve their desired performance.


Furthermore, the smart apparel acts as an individual coach. With its help, the user can learn faster movements for certain sports and is corrected in the execution as desired.

Comfort and well-being


For the leisure sector, smart clothing will play a significant role in increasing comfort.

Smart apparel analyses and recognises the wishes of the user based on the preset preferences and changes the corresponding properties. For instance, a smart jacket can measure the biometric data, analyse the posture, warm or cool the sensitive area of ​​the body, and recharge the battery by moving it. The interaction between all clothing elements allows the user to feel good in any situation, whatever the weather conditions.

Health care


In the future, intelligent clothing will improve health through a more precise, preventive diagnosis and optimised therapy. Continuous vital data measurements enable more accurate analyses and early indications of potential diseases. Diagnosis is increasingly forward-looking and provides trends for health and risk development (see predictive health care). This allows the attending physician to schedule a therapy to counteract the potential illness in good time, before it can even  take hold (see Prevention Management). 


Even in the case of acute injuries, intelligent clothing can provide the data to the emergency services through an immediate body analysis before it is found at the site. The paramedic knows exactly what kind of treatment and equipment he needs for the job, saving lifesaving time. Depending on the injury, smart clothing can autonomously cleanse and care for the wounds and provide further assistance, such as walking. Stop the bleeding from adding to the injury.

Safety and Productivity


Many sectors of industry and public service work, such as offshore, mining, manufacturing, police and fire departments, require a high level of safety. By integrating the sensors and other electronic components into the workwear, the safety of the employees can be increased. Embedded sensors measure hazardous substances. If the limit is exceeded, an alarm signal goes to the control panel. The smart clothing protects the worker autonomously, so that it is not exposed to harmful substances.


By networking the devices and the data flow, the productivity of the employees can be significantly increased as all necessary information for use can be accessed directly from the servers. All information can be shown via data glasses or directly on clothing. The employee can make decisions without delay.

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