Vulpés HeatSock - Smart Heated Socks | Smartphone Control | Merino Wool

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Introducing our cutting-edge Smart Heated Sock, a fusion of technology and comfort. Crafted with luxurious Merino wool, these socks guarantee unparalleled warmth and moisture-wicking properties. The innovative design incorporates a targeted heating pad focused on the toes, ensuring precise warmth where it's needed most. Controlled through a user-friendly smartphone app, users can customize the temperature, creating a personalized heating experience. Whether braving chilly winters or seeking extra coziness, these heat socks redefine comfort. Embrace the perfect blend of advanced heating technology and premium materials with our Smart Heated Sock, setting a new standard in warmth and sophistication.

The Vulpés smart heated socks can heat up in the range of 40-60°C [104-140°F]. The socks can be controlled manually via an integrated button or with the smartphone phone. With the Vulpés SmartWear App you can create a personal heating profile tailoring the heat settings to your specific demand.

The innovative design seamlessly combines the flexibility of stretchable fabric with advanced heating technology as well as new embedding techniques ensuring a snug fit and consistent warmth. The advantage of flexible heating pads is the enhanced wearer comfort.

The smart heated socks feature precision toe-focused heating from the top and the bottom of the sock to cover the forefoot with pleasant warmth.

The V1 and V5 modules use low-temperature batteries which enables the smart heated sock to run up to -30°C / -22°F. The low-temperature technology ensures extended use in cold environments without sacrificing the heating performance.

The Vulpés Sock is made of a premium material combination to enhance wearer comfort, and to provide the wearer with breathable and thermal insulation properties.

The core material is Merino Wool [40%] with additives to provide stretchability, reinforcement and protection such as Nylon [20%], Acrylic [20%], Polyester [15%] as well as Spandex [3%].

Furthermore, the smart sock has weaved in copper fibre [2%] at the forefoot and heel area to provide anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.

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Vulpés Smart Heated Sock at a glance

Gear up for peak performance with the Vulpés smart heated socks designed for sports enthusiasts. Engineered to provide targeted warmth, these socks ensure your feet stay comfortable during cold workouts. With customizable temperature settings and advanced technology, elevate your athletic experience while conquering chilly conditions. Unleash the power of warmth, maximizing your focus and endurance.

The smart heated socks are frequently used for wintersports, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, horse riding, cycling, sailing, hunting, fishing, golfing etc.

Step into warmth and productivity with our smart heated socks tailored for the workplace. Crafted for professionals, these socks combine comfort with cutting-edge heating technology. Beat the cold in style and keep your feet cozy during long work hours. Boost your efficiency and stay focused, as warmth meets sophistication in every step.

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our smart heated socks suitable for leisure. Whether lounging at home or strolling in the great outdoors, experience luxurious warmth at your fingertips. With customizable heating options, these socks transform your leisure time into a cozy retreat, ensuring every moment is wrapped in comfort and tranquility.

Vulpés HeatSock smart heated sock, properties


Tailored Microclimate for your Feet

Users can precisely control the temperature of the smart heated socks via a smartphone app. This allows for personalized comfort, with the ability to adjust heat levels according to individual preferences and environmental conditions.

Vulpés HeatSock smart heated sock, smartphone control


Convenient Remote Control of your Smart Heated Socks

Smartphone control enables users to adjust the settings of the heated socks remotely. Whether activating the heat function before putting on shoes or adjusting settings while on the move, the convenience of remote operation enhances user experience.

Vulpés HeatSock smart heated sock, outdoor comfort


Keeping your feet warm is like giving a VIP pass to your body's comfort club

When your feet are snug and toasty, blood vessels dilate, promoting better blood circulation. This not only helps in keeping your extremities warm but also kick-starts an overall warming effect throughout your body.

Vulpés HeatSock V1 - smart heated sock

Insulating and breathable material properties

Thanks to the Merino wool and advanced fibre blend, the Vulpés HeatSocks have a soft feel and naturally provide insulation to keep warmth inside the sock. At the same time, the material combination allows the air to circulate and let the feet "breathe".

Vulpés HeatSock - beheizbare Socken für Winter

Smart Heated Socks with anti-bacterial and anti-odor material properties

The Smart Heated Socks feature advanced anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties with the copper fibre which is directly embedded into the fabric. The Vulpés socks not only keep your toes toasty but also ensure a fresh and hygienic experience.

Smart Heated Socks are offered in two different technology architectures with V1 being the Vulpés state-of-the-art technology and V5 the new generation system with advanced functions und enhanced usability.

Vulpés HeatSock V1 vs V5 technology comparison

"Made for cold-weather enthusiasts"

How to deploy the smart heated socks

Vulpés Smartwear App

Please download and install the Vulpés SmartWear App for iOS or Android OS. Please pair the smart heated socks with your phone

Vulpés Footwarmer - charging

Please charge your smart heated socks with the Vulpés charger.

Vulpés HeatSock - smart heated socks with smart features
Smart features

Please plug in the V1 / V5 battery module to the sock and follow the instructions in the app to unlock smart features.

FAQs for the smart heated socks

Smart heated socks have embedded stretchable heating elements and are powered up with a rechargeable battery to deliver power to the heating elements. With the control system the user has the option to adjust the heat settings. The Vulpés Heat Socks can be controlled manually via a button or via smartphone.

Yes, smart heated socks are designed with safety in mind. The electronics and battery system is encapsulated into shock-resistant rubber protecting the battery and electronics from external impact.

The heated socks comply with EU and US safety standards to ensure a secure user experience.

Yes, we recommend to wash the V1 HeatSocks per hand and V5 HeatSocks per hand or in the washing machine. Please read the user manual first, before starting the washing process for the first time.

Yes, the socks can be used in any type of shoes. Please make sure that your shoes have enough space as the Merino wool socks are naturally thicker compared to "standard" socks.

For the safety shoes, please contact the manufacturer and / or review the local regulations if applicable.

The smart heated socks can be controlled via the Vulpés SmartWear App or the button. The user can adjust temperature settings and personalize the heating experience by first pairing the socks to the smartphone and secondly adjusting the temperature inside the control menu.

No, both models are not waterproof. The battery and electronic system are protected against moisture and mild rain.

For a water-proof foot warmer, we recommend checking out the Vulpés X-Line product.

Yes, the smart heated socks are suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, or camping. They provide extra warmth in cold conditions, enhancing comfort during various outdoor pursuits.

The battery status can only be seen for the V5 HeatSock inside the app. The V1 platform does not allow the read-out of the battery status.

The smart heated socks have different heating levels. Some of the heat levels might be too intense for your feet and toes. In case you feel a twitch or prickle please reduce the heat level or turn off the socks. Especially during long use the heated socks might provide enough warming power even with the lowest settings.

There are several ways on how to optimize the battery consumption of the Vulpés heated socks:

a. Disconnecting from heated socks: Please disconnect the battery modules from heated socks to prevent Bluetooth from consuming energy in standby mode.

b. Storage: Please store the battery modules in a dry environment preferably with an ambient temperature of 20°C / 68°F and do not expose the battery modules to the sun or heaters.

c. Charging: Please charge the battery modules every 2-3 months even when not in use to prevent deep discharge.

d. Optimizing the usage: The battery consumption can be optimized with the specific use of heating power and smart modes. Please review the App and its corresponding functions such as "eco mode", "timer" etc.