Vulpés RecoveryBrace PRO - Smart Heated Brace

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Inside the box:

1x Vulpés RecoveryBrace PRO

1x PowerBank 5000 mAh for mobile use

1x Micro USB Charging Cable

1x USB-A Enlargement Cable for stationary use

The Vulpés RecoveryBrace Pro has been engineered to provide heating support for peripherals with a focus on wrists, joints, ankles, elbows, knees and other body parts. This innovative brace combines cutting-edge technology and soothing heat therapy to provide targeted and customizable relief. With precisely adjustable heat settings and a smart control interface, the user can personalize the comfort and find a suitable level of warmth to alleviate pain and enhance mobility. Whether recovering from an injury, a heavy workout or looking to soothe everyday discomfort, our smart heated brace is an ideal go-to solution for effective, intelligent, and convenient pain management.

Discover how our heatable bandage can boost your athletic performance, aid in recovery, and keep you at the top of your game. Ideal for injury prevention and recovery for serious athletes.

The smart heated brace provides precise and targeted heat therapy to the affected joint, ankle, elbow, or knee areas. This focused warmth helps in relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation, and relieving pain effectively.

The embedded graphene technology provides deep heat the wrapped area to provide snooth warming support to the single or multiple muscle groups.

The Vulpés RecoveryBrace Pro is equipped with innovative graphene heating technology and can be heated up in the range of 35-50°C [95-126°F]. The heat settings can be controlled with

(a) an integrated 3-mode controller

(b) a mobile app on the smartphone

(c) automated heat therapy modes

The smart heated brace is designed for ease of use and portability. It allows users to experience pain relief and recovery on the go, whether at work, during exercise, or simply during daily activities, offering convenience and flexibility in managing pain.

The heated wrap is build with safety in mind and has build-in protection features e.g. to prevent overheating. The graphene technology provides inert protection against sparks and flammability. The electronics are protected against moisture and water.

The Vulpés heated wrap as well as the PowerBank are certified according to European and US regulations and meet all relevant safety standards.

We recommend cleaning the smart heated brace by hand washing. Please remove the PowerBank from the pocket in advance.

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"Your heat guide to the path of recovery"

Potential uses for the Heated Recovery Brace

Muscle Relaxation
Pain Relief
Joint Stiffness
Warm Up

just one smart wearable device for different purposes

Vulpés RecoveryBrace Pro - Ellbow support | elbow bandage brace
wrist and elbow

The Vulpés RecoveryBrace PRO can provide an effective warming therapy for wrist and elbow stiffness or discomfort by offering a large heating area with precise temperature and time control with the smart functions via the Vulpés mobile app.*

Vulpés RecoveryBrace Pro - Knee support | Knee bandage brace
Knie and hinge joint

The Vulpés RecoveryBrace PRO can be wrapped around the knee area to provide warming support. With its large heating pad and precisely adjustable heating power, the hinge joint can be fully covered with respective warmth. The timer function can conduct the tailored heat therapy from 5 to 30 minutes.*

Vulpés RecoveryBrace Pro - Ankle support | Ankle bandage brace

The recovery brace can be easily wrapped around the ankle. It features adjustable heat settings controlled via a mobile app or integrated button. By providing gentle, consistent warmth, it promotes increased blood flow, easing pain from injuries, strains, or arthritis. Users can wear it during daily activities, ensuring on-the-go pain relief and comfort.*

The Vulpés Recovery Brace PRO at a glance

Vulpés RecoveryBrace PRO - smart heated brace for muscle relaxation

choose the affected body part and

Just wrap it

The future of muscle care

The Vulpés Smart Heated Brace is designed to support your recovery, muscle relaxation, and warm-up routines before and after sports activities

Optimize Muscle Warm-up for Sports

Prepare your muscles for action like never before. Our Smart Heated Brace is your ultimate companion for pre-sport warm-up routines. By
gently heating and loosening muscles, it enhances blood flow and flexibility, priming your body for optimal performance and reducing the risk of injuries during physical activity.

Experience Advanced Recovery

Recovery is the cornerstone of any fitness regimen. Our Smart Heated Brace offers advanced features to accelerate your recovery process. With customizable heat settings and targeted pressure, it provides soothing relief to tired muscles, easing away tension and soreness after intense workouts or long days.

Maximize Muscle Relaxation

Relaxation is key to maintaining peak performance. Our Smart Heated Brace incorporates innovative technology to promote deep muscle relaxation. Whether you're recovering from a tough training session or simply seeking relief from daily stress, our brace delivers gentle warmth and compression to help you unwind and rejuvenate.

The guided heat support with pre-defined mode settings

The relaxation mode provides a gentle and comforting warmth, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation for enhanced well-being.

The Muscle Warm-Up mode gently preps muscles for activity by delivering gradual heat, aiding in flexibility and reducing the risk of strain or injury.

The Muscles Recovery mode is made to provide relief against muscle soreness after the sports session.

The Chronic Tendinitis Mode delivers gentle and consistent warmth to the affected area, providing targeted relief for chronic tendinitis discomfort. The heating session is scheduled for 20 minutes and turns off the brace thereafter

The arthritis mode provides targeted heat therapy to help alleviate discomfort and stiffness associated with arthritis. The mode is scheduled for the therapy duration of 30 minutes and shuts down automatically.

How to deploy the smart heated brace

HeatBelt PRO - connect to powerbank
Connect the powerBank

Please connect the Power Bank [5V / 2A] to the USB cable of the heated brace.
Note: You could turn on the included white Power Bank with one click and turn off with double click.

HeatBelt PRO - setup of the mobile app
install the Vulpés smartwear app

Please download and install the Vulpés Smartwear mobile application for iOS or Android OS. Please connect the smart heated wrap with your phone.

recovery brace - wrap the heated bandage around your body part
Wrap the brace to the body part

Please wrap the heated recovery band around the specific body part such as the ankle, wrist, joint, elbow, knee etc. to apply the heat directly to the specific area.

"Engineered in Germany with care and thoughtfulness"

the more economical and sustainable alternative to heat patches and medications

HeatBelt PRO - economic and sustainbale solution
Economic and Sustainable

Lasts longer than 1000+ disposable heat patches.

Furthermore, with the reusable Vulpés heated brace, you contribute to waste reduction and safe resources.

HeatBelt PRO - alternative to medication and drugs
Natural alternative to medicines

For managing discomfort, the Vulpés heated brace can be a natural alternative to medication.

Please consult with your doctor on the personal measures for treating discomfort and pain relief first.

HeatBelt PRO - high energy efficiency
Higher Energy savings

More than 30% lower energy consumption compared to a hot water bottle

FAQs for the smart heated brace

The brace uses built-in heating elements to generate warmth. Smart controls allow users to adjust the heat settings, customizing the level of warmth. This heat is directed to the affected area, promoting improved blood circulation and soothing muscle discomfort.

Benefits include targeted pain relief, muscle relaxation, enhanced blood circulation, and customizable heat levels. The brace is also convenient and portable, enabling users to experience the therapeutic effects of heat therapy on the go. Please note that the RecoveryBand Pro is not a medical product. Please consult with professional health care personnel to receive guidance on diagnosis and treatment.

Please connect the powerbank or the enlargement USB cable with the heated brace. Wrap the brace around the specific body part and activate the heating with the 3-mode-controller or via the Vulpés app on the smartphone.

Absolutely! The heated brace's portability makes it ideal for travel. It can be used in a car, train, or plane, providing comfort and relaxation during your journeys.

It's recommended to consult a healthcare professional before using the brace if you have a medical condition or are undergoing treatment. They can advise you on whether it's suitable for your specific situation.

Yes, the smart heated brace can be washed. We recommend cleaning the heated wrap per hand. Please remove the power bank from the pocket before cleaning.

Yes, the electrically heated bandage is excellent for relaxation after sports. It provides targeted heat for muscle relaxation, promotes blood circulation and accelerates regeneration.

Yes, the heated bandage can be wrapped around the knee delivering tailored heat to the knee and leg area.

Anyone can benefit by using the Recovery Brace PRO experiencing knee, wrist or elbow pain or discomfort due to injury, arthritis, overuse, or general wear and tear can benefit from using a heated brace. It is suitable for athletes, individuals with active lifestyles, as well as those seeking relief from chronic joint conditions.

While the heated brace is designed to provide support during activities, it is advisable to avoid vigorous exercise or strenuous movements while wearing the brace, especially if it restricts mobility or causes discomfort. The RecoveryPro can however be worn on the go during walking or riding with the bike.

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