Vulpés Ganymed - smart heated vest [MEN / SLIM FIT]

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The Vulpés Ganymed is crafted for adventurers, the vest boasts rugged durability and a weather-resistant exterior, making it a reliable companion for hiking, camping, skiing, and more. The smartphone control allows you to adapt to temperature fluctuations on-the-go, so you can focus on pushing your boundaries without worrying about the cold.

Sync your smartphone with the vest's intuitive app to take command of your warmth. With just a few taps, you can fine-tune the heat settings to your exact preference, ensuring you stay cozy while you conquer the elements. The vest's advanced heating elements strategically cover key areas, delivering unparalleled warmth without compromising mobility. 

The Vulpés smart heated vest can heat up in the range of 40-60°C [104-140°F]. The heat settings can be controlled with (a) an integrated 3-mode controller, (b) a mobile app on the smartphone, and (c) voice command [for iOS only].

The vest is made of high-quality softshell material, which provides protection against wind, rain and snow and has breathable properties at the same time. The built-in insulating layer keeps the heat inside the vest longer and leads to higher heating efficiency.

To prevent wind, moisture and water entering the vest and the power bank inner pocket, high-quality, waterproof and durable zippers have been added to the material design structure. Furthermore, the built-in electronics are encapsulated with special synthetic material which insulates and protects the components against shock, water and moisture. 

The graphene technology provides inert protection against sparks and flammability. In addition, the integrated temperature sensor monitors the heat and provides overheating protection. The Vulpés warming vest as well as the PowerBank are certified according to European regulations and meet all relevant safety standards

We recommend cleaning the smart heated vest by hand washing. Please remove the PowerBank from the pocket in advance.

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"Made for cold-weather enthusiasts"

Potential use cases for the smart heated vest

Horse riding

Precision Comfort

Graphene-Infused Heated Vest for Targeted Area Warmth

The graphene elements of the heated vest create comprehensive area heat to provide excellent comfort. The five heating pads [2x in the front and 3x in the back] are positioned on the most sensitive parts of the upper body and support the skin and muscle areas with an active, pleasant warmth. Even at colder ambient temperatures such as -40°C / -40°F, the graphene elements deliver a strong heat output.

Tailored Warmth

Heated Vest with Adjustable Personal Heat Settings

With the touch of your fingertips, you can adjust the heat intensity to match your unique preferences and needs. Whether by using the smartphone for precisely fine-tuning the warmth, quick access via the 3-mode controller, or with the voice command function [for iOS] you can personalize your tailored heat setting.

All-Weather Comfort

Heated Vest with Waterresistant and Windproof Protection

The 3-layer fabric system protects the wearer against cold and stormy weather. The softshell surface blocks the wind and repels the water drops. At the same time, the insulating layer stores the heat and allows the excess moisture to escape to the outside.

for a tailored Fit and Comfort

Ergonomic Warmth with Body-Shaped Design

Designed with a focus on your body's contours, this heated vest offers a tailored fit that hugs you in all the right places, allowing for unrestricted motion during your outdoor experience.

How to deploy the smart heated vest

HeatBelt PRO - connect to powerbank
Connect the powerBank

Please connect the Power Bank [5V / 2A] to the USB cable of the heat vest inside the pocket, and please proactively turn on the Power Bank.
Note: You could turn on the Power Bank with one click and turn it off with a double click.

HeatBelt PRO - setup of the mobile app
install the mobile app

Please download and install the mobile application for iOS or Android OS. Please connect the smart heated vest with your phone.

Smart features

Please follow the introduction in the app to unlock smart features like voice command and timer.

"Engineered in Germany with care and thoughtfulness"

FAQs for the smart heated vest

The vest is equipped with advanced heating elements strategically placed to generate warmth in key areas. You can control the vest's temperature settings via a user-friendly smartphone app, 3-mode button or voice command (iOS), allowing you to customize the heat levels according to your preference.

Our heated vest comes in a range of sizes to accommodate various body types. Please refer to our sizing chart for accurate measurements and choose the size that best fits you.

Absolutely! The vest is designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Its sleek and body-shaped design ensures unrestricted movement, making it perfect for activities like hiking, skiing, camping, and more.

The battery life varies depending on the heat setting, environmental conditions and the capacity of the power bank you choose. On average with the 10.000 mAh power bank, the vest can provide heat for 3-7 hours on a single charge. The battery runtime can be extended with a power bank of higher capacity of e.g. 20.000 mAH and can last for a full day.

The vest is designed to be water-resistant, offering protection against light rain and moisture.

The vest can be washed. Please read the full instruction in the user manual before washing. Be sure to detach the battery before cleaning.

Yes, the smartphone app is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Yes, the vest's slim design allows for easy layering under your regular clothing, providing discreet warmth without compromising your style.