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Revolutionize your footwear experience with our Vulpés X-Line, the Smart Heated Insoles. Crafted for comfort, these insoles seamlessly integrate cutting-edge graphene technology to keep your feet warm and cozy. Adjustable through a user-friendly Vulpés SmartWear App, you have complete control over the temperature, ensuring personalized warmth tailored to your preference. The graphene tech distribute heat evenly, providing soothing relief for cold feet and promoting circulation. Whether navigating icy sidewalks or just craving extra warmth, these insoles are the perfect solution. With a rechargeable design and compatibility with your favorite shoes, our Smart Heated Insoles redefine comfort, making every step a warm and comforting delight.

The Vulpés smart heated insole can heat up in the range of 40-55°C [104-134°F]. With the Vulpés SmartWear App you can create a personal heating profile tailoring the heat settings to your specific demand.

The Vulpés X-Line uses one of the most advanced heating technologies, the Graphene.

The Graphene elements have excellent thermal conductivity, allowing a rapid and efficient heat distribution. With its thin and robust material properties, Graphene contributes to a lightweight and durable insole design.

Furthermore, the Graphene Elements can reach high temperatures using lower amounts of electrical power compared to traditional heating elements. This energy efficiency is beneficial for extending the battery life of the heated insoles.

Wireless charging eliminates the need for physical cables which enhances the charging ergonomics. The user does not have to pull out the insoles for charging but can simply insert the wireless transmitter inside the shoe.

With a waterproof and shock-resistant design, the Vulpés heated insoles are engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions while providing reliable warmth and comfort.

All electronic components are sealed and protected from external forces as well as moisture and water. Furthermore, the X-Line uses advanced coating and water-resistant materials to cover the electronic and battery parts.

The Vulpés X-Line is certified according to the EU and US regulations and fulfills all respective safety requirements.

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"Made for cold-weather enthusiasts"

Potential use cases for the smart heated insoles

Horse riding

With over 100 settings

Precision Temperature Control

Users can precisely control the temperature of the smart heated insoles via a smartphone app. This allows for personalized comfort, with the ability to adjust heat levels according to individual preferences and environmental conditions.

remote control with over 10 meter distance

Convenient Remote Control

Smartphone control enables users to adjust the settings of the heated insoles remotely. Whether activating the heat function before putting on shoes or adjusting settings while on the move, the convenience of remote operation enhances user experience.

Vulpés HeatSock smart heated sock, outdoor comfort

Smart Fact

Keeping your feet warm is like giving a VIP pass to your body's comfort club

When your feet are snug and toasty, blood vessels dilate, promoting better blood circulation. This not only helps in keeping your extremities warm but also kick-starts an overall warming effect throughout your body.

preventing fatigue and enhancing walking experience

Ergonomic Insole Design

Engineered for comfort, these smart heated insoles seamlessly integrate with the contours of your feet, providing optimal arch support and cushioning. The slim, flexible profile ensures a natural feel, accommodating various shoe styles without compromising fit.


Premium Materials

The foundation boasts a protective carbon fiber shell, ensuring durability and shielding the electronics and battery system.

The forefoot section features natural cork, providing both insulation and flexibility for optimal comfort.

The top is equipped with durable and anti-bacterial microfiber which has anti-wear and anti-abrasion properties to increase the insoles's robustness and lifetime.

Smart Fact

Think of smart heated insoles as your portable floor heater on the go!

By directly targeting your feet, the smart heated insoles minimize heat loss, ensuring a toasty experience without wasting energy. With the integrated graphene-technology and the outstanding insulation, the energy consumption is lower by more than 30%.

Increasing heating performance and battery lifetime

Outstanding Energy and Thermal Efficiency

Equipped with cutting-edge graphene heating elements, the Vulpés smart heated insoles deliver rapid, targeted warmth that's both effective and power-efficient.

The use of natural cork in the forefoot area provides excellent insulation, retaining heat and enhancing overall efficiency. Coupled with advanced materials, our insoles are not just about comfort—they represent a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to staying warm.

How to deploy the smart heated insoles

Vulpés Smartwear App

Please download and install the Vulpés SmartWear App for iOS or Android OS. Please pair the smart heated insoles with your phone.

Vulpés Footwarmer - charging
charge your smart heated insoles

Please charge your smart heated insoles with the wireless charger. When the insoles are fully charged, you receive a notification from the app. To check the charging status you can always access the Vulpés SmartWear App.

Smart features

Please follow the instructions in the app to unlock smart features.

"Engineered in Germany with care and thoughtfulness"

FAQs for the smart heated insoles

Smart heated insoles use advanced technology, incorporating graphene heating elements. They can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing users to adjust temperature settings for personalized warmth.

Yes, smart heated insoles are designed with safety in mind. The electronics and battery system is shelled with carbon-glass fiber and epoxide material as well as to absorb shock and prevent moisture from entering the system. The heat soles comply with EU and US safety standards to ensure a secure user experience.

The smart heated insoles can be cleaned with a cloth but are not recommended to dip inside the water or put them into the washing machine.

Smart heated insoles are designed to be versatile and fit into most shoes. However, it's essential to check the size and shape to ensure a proper fit. The insoles have the following thicknesses:

- 3 mm in the forefoot

- 12 mm in the middle

- 9 mm at the heel part

The smart heated insoles can be controlled via the Vulpés SmartWear App. The user can adjust temperature settings and personalize the heating experience.

Yes, the X-Line model is designed to be waterproof and is not affected by moisture, rain and snow.

Yes, the smart heated insoles are suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, or camping. They provide extra warmth in cold conditions, enhancing comfort during various outdoor pursuits.